Starting Today
You Can Be One Step Closer To
Ending Your Struggles and Having Relationship Harmony

If you’re confronted with or suffering from any of these challenges in your life or your relationship:
  • Feeling ignored, unheard, misunderstood, uncared for and lacking passion in your relationship with your partner
  • Indirect or ineffective communication
  • Stuck in an endless cycle of dissatisfaction, pain and frustration
  • Depression, stress, anxiety or fear
  • A sense of unworthiness, shame and isolation
  • Feeling like an “imposter,” like you don’t have anything to offer others, even though you are successful
  • Beliefs that you are not “good enough” and that you are unlovable
  • Judging yourself harshly and mercilessly
  • Difficulty controlling your eating, drug/alcohol use, sexual compulsions or gambling
  • Challenges with your personal finances and spending
  • Integration of spirituality and emotional challenges

Then you’re already aware of the effects that these challenges can have, because you live with them every day.

They cause huge amounts of stress on your relationships, on your finances, and on your health.

These are things you know. You know that you need to change, and you know that this can’t continue.

But what you don’t know are how to start, who to turn to or even if you have the inner strength necessary.

I’d like you to take a step back from all of this for a moment. Take yourself away from your struggles and read these next four words very carefully, because they could have a dramatic positive impact on your life from this moment forward. The four words are:


There are millions of people out there who share the same struggles, the same self-defeating behaviors, and the same devastating effects on their relationships, money and health.

You share a common thread with these people. You are kindred spirits. You all have a feeling of unworthiness, a heartless inner judge and jury who have sentenced you to a life of low self-worth.

But you can end the sentence. Starting today you can join others with the same desire for change. Through individual and group counseling in person or on the phone you can start down a new path.

Starting today you can:

  Identify the key habits that destroy passion and excitement in your relationship

  Learn the 5 words that keep you in conflict and struggle

  How to communicate in ways that get your needs and wants met

  Transform despair into joy

  Quiet your "inner judge"

  Fill the emptiness inside

  Start tapping into your spiritual awareness

With my individual and group counseling programs, and my relationship success solutions program, which you can take part in from anywhere in the world, you can:
  • Learn what YOU need and how to get it
  • Learn how to set clear boundaries so others don’t take advantage of you
  • Learn how to cope with overwhelming and paralyzing emotions
  • Free yourself from addictions, emotional eating and/or abusive relationships
  • Create the life that you REALLY want!
  • Integrate spirituality with counseling for more powerful, deeper results

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I’m Jeff Schneider, a clinical social worker facilitating a holistic counseling practice, and it’s my mission to guide you toward the recovery and life victories that have been eluding you.

For the past 28 years I have successfully helped hundreds of people from very diverse backgrounds recover from the effects of depression, anxiety, and trauma, while incorporating a profoundly enriching and effective spiritual component into their counseling.

My clients would describe me as an insightful, compassionate, intuitive, sensitive, supportive, and skillful clinician. Recently a new client described her first session as “extraordinary” and stated that my office is a “place of healing”. Another new client said: “I am so glad that I found you. I can’t wait until I see you again.”

Clients who have been in treatment with other therapists have said that the counseling I offer is at a much faster pace and that they go “deeper” than they have gone before.

I invite you to discover what’s possible in your own life, right now.

Jeff helped me to improve communication in my personal and professional life, increase my self-awareness and coping skills, and helped me to become less afraid of life and its many challenges.  He helped me to move past some tough times and challenges and helped me to feel more hopeful about the future.  I think more people, especially men, should consider counseling if they are feeling "stuck" or unhappy in their lives.

Vito P.

When we met, I was not in a healthy place emotionally, mentally, spiritually, or physically; but in fact, it is in retrospect that I truly see how lost I was, and how truly grateful I am for your assistance.

My individual counseling sessions with you have been a pilgrimage to my self.  Before I began working with you, I was a stranger to me: with your guidance I have grown not only to know myself, but to be a friend to me as well.

I'm thankful, too, for your help with family issues - “ through couples' sessions, I am more understanding of my husband, and through family sessions, my husband and my son have gone from conflict to the close relationship they share today.

Thank you for leading me to the health and strength I now enjoy.


Three Month Relationship Success Solutions Program
immediate practical and spiritual steps for your loving relationship

Jeff Schneider, L.C.S.W.

Module I-Define Your Loving Passionate Relationship

By clearly defining your goals and vision for how you’d like your life and relationship to be you are more likely to create it, live it and enjoy it.

In this module you’re going to:

Create a clear vision of your goals so that you can see it and create it.

Identify the action steps to attain your vision.

Set a manageable yet challenging time frame to meet your goals.

Module II-Your Must Have List

By clearly defining what you really want and need in your relationship and by determining WHY you want these you will be much more likely to have the satisfaction, pleasure and joy of having your needs and wants met.

In this module you’re going to:

Identify your most important wants and needs

Reflect on your WHY-what will you get if your wants and needs are met?

Identify what you simply cannot tolerate

Module III-Crystal Clear Communication

By communicating clearly, directly, assertively and honestly you will be heard, resolve conflict effectively, get more attention and enhance passion and sex.

In this module you’re going to:

Identify 5 words (worse than curse words) that keep you in conflict and struggle

Learn how to communicate in ways that get your needs & wants met

Learn a structured style of communication to interrupt volatility and to effectively manage and resolve conflict

Module IV-Show Me the Love

By knowing the traits, characteristics and behaviors of a healthy relationship you will create and sustain trust, love, support, caring, intimacy and passion.

In this module you’re going to:

Identify what makes a healthy relationship

Identify what makes an unhealthy (and abusive) relationship

Review an A-Z list of healthy relationship traits

Module V-You’re Not Crazy-Men and Women Really Are From Different Planets

By understanding that there are major differences with how men and women (and between those in a same sex relationship), think, feel and communicate you will have greater acceptance, compassion and ease.

In this module you’re going to:

Learn many differences between men and women

Understand how these differences can complement each other

Realize that some of your differences are not personal, they are simply gender based

Module VI-Your Sacred Spiritual Relationship

How to make your relationship a sacred experience filled with gratitude, acceptance, inner peace, serenity and appreciation.

In this module you’re going to:

Learn over 20 ways to infuse your relationship with spirituality

Identify and focus on things you are grateful for

Express appreciation for yourself and your partner

Phone Jeff at 845-255-4175 to enroll in the program.